80 pages/15,8 x 21,5 cm
limited edition of 250
all signed and numbered by the artist
Published: by Eric Colpaert
Languages: English, FR, Nederlands, Russian.
Author: Eric Colpaert
Additional texts & quotes: Ole Bouman, El Lissitzky, Frank Maes, Marjolein Schaap, Dirk Snauwaert, Wim Van Mulders, Piet Vanrobaeys, Christine Vuegen, Fons Welters.
Russian translations: Nazee Arutunyan, Dasja Drugaleva, Anyuta Wiazemsky.
English transaltions: Gregory Ball, Jonathan Beaton, Patrick Lennon.
Graphic design, photograpy and coordination: Eric Colpaert
Printing: Flyer.be, Bruges (B).
Slipcase: Hellyn Kartonnage, Wielsbeke (B).
Price: 40€
Publication date: Jan. 23 2019.